Our Limited Company Accountancy Packages ensure your company meets all of it’s obligations and is as tax efficient as possible from just £70 + VAT per month

What is a Limited Company?

There are many types of business you can trade as. One of the most popular is a Limited Company. Put very simply, a limited company is a completely different legal entity from yourself.

As you can imagine, this brings a great deal of advantages, most importantly your assets are treated separately to those of your business. If your limited company gets into trouble, you will not be held responsible.

This extra protection and structure also allows outside investment to be integrated very easily with a share structure.

How we help Limited Companies

As mentioned, limited companies are a very popular way to trade and the vast bulk of our clients do sign up to our limited company package.

We can help structure your business in the most efficient way to reduce your tax burden and ensure you are making the most of the benefits available.

Along with your yearly companies house admin requirements, throughout the year we will be available for any questions you may have about your tax affairs.

We can also help with book-keeping, wages, VAT returns and other additional services, please feel free to get in touch for further information.